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In what scope does Jack and Bulk work?

We work internationally, this means our services can be used worldwide.

Why am I having difficulty viewing J&B site?

You may have issues viewing our website because of your browser. Please note the website performs best on the latest
version of Google Chrome or Safari. If you are having issues viewing J&B's site, it is possible that you are experiencing a
caching issue and need to clear your browser cache or by checking your network connection. Report it on Discord Group
or send us a message about the issue spotted.

I have feedback or wish to contact support, what should I do?

For any public queries you can drop a line in the official Jack and Bulk discord channel, for private queries email us at
[email protected] In any of these cases we will respond as soon as possible. We also
highly value feedback from trainers, clients, fitness enthusiasts and as well as professionals. Send any comments or
suggestions you might have to us via the aforementioned channels, and help us shape the future of J&B.

How do I get additional support?

Contact us at [email protected]

Do I have to pay for sending messages?

No, you don’t. J&B public community is currently absolutely free.

How does Jack and Bulk work?

J&B works by bringing together like-minded fitness enthusiasts and enabling them to find co-founders, discuss ideas, get startup resources, connect with othertrainers, and more…

Is there a native app?

Yes, there is. Jack And bulk community is built on the 'Ko-Fi.' and ‘Discord’ platform, a service with 250M+ users and support for macOS, Windows, iOS, Android, Linux and web browsers.


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